You're not crazy you're just waking up

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4 Architypes of Consciousness


This is a being who accepts everything and question nothing and feels there is no consequence for their actions. You will find that how you think, feel and act is on autopilot. This stage is about breakdown but you have to realize that the breakdown is actually a breakthrough is called a dark night of the soul. A lot of people along this stage of awakening are confronted with their shadow side, shadow self they are confronted with a very painful experience, depression, anxiety etc. And becoming more aware of the identity, your past, the labels, the attachments, attitude, the people that you're connected to. To let go and to breakthrough, you have to let go of the reasoning and the identification that you have with those things. Only then you will die to your lower nature and allow yourself to revaluate your life.

Splattered Paint


What shifted you to the next level of consciousness? Awareness. Where the drone just suppresses the artist is all about expression. You, talking about your life experiences, but it is just like your coming out of the storm you have a lot to shout about, a lot to scream, a lot to talk about, but it's not necessarily mean you are in the process of healing yourself, now your just getting it off your chest. It is a wonderful feeling that's why artists hold so much power because they are taking us into their own subjective reality. Yet you are either just focusing on the positive or on the negative, they still don't have that balance, as you create the world but at the same time not fully living in it.


The secret of alchemy is making the best out of the worst and not allowing external events to govern your internal conditions. On this level, you will realize how important your belief system is in creating your reality. How essential your environment is and how you have started taking responsibility about how you feel towards yourself. Being an alchemist is all about inner transformation and where you start doing inner work, you step in that radical action to change your life for the better. You don't just focus on the positive but now you embrace the shadow side of yourself.



Mysticism exists only because ignorance exists, whatever you are ignorant of naturally become mystical to you. Someone is a mystic because he brokethough the limitations of his ignorance and access life in all its dimensions. So if one's perception of life transcends the limitation of the physicality of life, then your perceptions have become fully clear about existence, you beginning to see, experience and manage different dimensions of existence. If you realise the immensity of what it means to be human if a human being released the full depth and dimensions of being human, you realise the choices, the possibilities and the alternatives that lie in your hand, you take your power back.

Remember What You Already Are

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Golden Ratio

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